Three Chicken Wing Options That Include Fruit

Posted on: 9 August 2023

When you think of the sauce that adds flavor to a chicken wing, you might think of a hot pepper sauce that adds spice to each bite. These sauces are very common, but it can be fun to experiment with different sauces when you visit a local chicken wing restaurant. Many of these eateries give you the ability to order a platter of wings with several different sauces, including some that include unique ingredients. While you might not immediately think of fruit flavors when you think of wings, there are several sauces that include fruit. Here are three fruit-themed chicken wings that may appeal to you.

Lemon Pepper

Lemon pepper wings are a popular flavor that you can order in many eateries. People enjoy these wings because of the complexity of their flavor. You'll get a bit of sourness from the lemon, but there are also subtle sweet notes. The inclusion of black pepper provides a bit of heat, albeit less heat than many pepper-based sauces. Many chicken wing restaurants have both dry and wet lemon pepper wings on their menus, which offers flexibility for those who particularly enjoy one type.


If you're looking for another fruit-flavor type of wing, consider a platter of mango wings. Mango-flavored sauce offers a lot of sweetness and a bright flavor that many people enjoy. Some wing establishments feature plain mango sauce on their wings, but it's more common to find sauces that pair mango with other flavors. Given that sweet and spicy flavor notes often work well together, spicy mango wings are common. These sauces combine the flavors of mango with hot pepper, which gives you a unique flavor profile that can be a nice alternative to the regular hot wings you may usually order.

Chili Lime

Chili lime wings are another type that you may wish to try if you like the idea of a fruit-themed wing flavor. These wings are typically dry rubbed with a combination of dried lime zest and chili powder, which can vary in its level of heat. The lime provides floral and tangy flavor notes that offer a nice contrast to the heat of the chili. There are many ways to eat these wings. You might dip them in ranch sauce to cool down their level of heat. However, if you're the type of person who enjoys fiery bites, you can always dip them in hot sauce. Look for these fruit flavors at your local wing restaurant.

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