• 3 Ways to Infuse Maple Sugar Candy Into Desserts

    Maple sugar candy is a great treat on its own, but you can take the candy and find new ways to mix in the snack with other sugary options. Try out one or more of these desserts and use the recipe ideas to create some unique desserts of your own. 1. Melted Glaze Maple sugar candies easily melt and can create a smooth and sweet glaze for a lot of dessert options. [Read More]

  • When You Want Fresh Coffee And Snacks At Your Next Event

    No matter what type of event you are running, a mobile coffee cafe can be a great addition. If you are in charge of running a charity event or you are working as a corporate party planner, a mobile cafe for hire can provide you with options. When you don't have the people you need to take care of all the food and drink needs for your event, it's time to figure out how some of these jobs can be hired out instead. [Read More]

  • Why You Should Hire A Professional Caterer For A Big Event

    If you have found yourself in charge of a big event in the near future, you need to consider the option of hiring a professional caterer. Understanding the top benefits that you will receive from hiring a caterer will help you understand the value in it so you will be sure to make the right decision for your big event. There Will Be Options When you try to cook the food on your own, you may not have the time or the ability to set up more than one main course. [Read More]