3 Ways to Infuse Maple Sugar Candy Into Desserts

Posted on: 9 December 2020

Maple sugar candy is a great treat on its own, but you can take the candy and find new ways to mix in the snack with other sugary options. Try out one or more of these desserts and use the recipe ideas to create some unique desserts of your own.

1. Melted Glaze

Maple sugar candies easily melt and can create a smooth and sweet glaze for a lot of dessert options. You can heat the candy on a pan over low heat until the sugar has fully melted down. While the sugar is still warm, you can pour the glaze over cinnamon buns, homemade donuts, or bundt cakes. As the glaze cools it creates a nice shine on the desserts and still encompasses the maple sugar flavor infusions. The fast melted of the sugar makes it easy to melt down a glaze without adding too much time to dessert recipes.

2. Covered Candies 

Add extra flavors to your maple candies by covering them in various toppings. For example, you can add a layer of chocolate to the candy by melting down chocolate chips and drizzling the chocolate over the candy. The chocolate will still allow the candy to maintain the formed shapes. You can chill the pieces for several hours to create a crunchy hard shell. Besides chocolate, you can cover the maple sugar pieces in melted caramel or go with a sweet fruit theme like a strawberry frosting. Play around with different flavor combinations to find your favorite combinations. If you have children, the covered candies are a fun activity that everyone can do and try together.

3. Cupcake Toppers

One of the more unique aspects of maple sugar candy is the shape options they're sold in. You will often find pieces shaped like leaves, flowers, trees, and bells. The shapes stand out and can elevate other desserts you create. For example, you can make cupcakes and use a single piece of maple candy as the cupcake topper. The candy can stick right into a cupcake and stands out as the focal point of the dessert. You could also fill a cupcake with a few pieces of candy so the flavors melt into the cupcake and add more to the theme. On larger cupcakes, you can add multiple pieces of candy. For example, you can create a symmetrical design with four-leaf candy shapes on a single cupcake.

Play around with the candy to see all the ways you can infuse pieces into your dessert creations.