How To Make Your Restaurant's Breakfast Service More Family-Friendly

Posted on: 8 July 2021

When people go out to breakfast, they often like to do so with their families. As such, you can benefit from ensuring that your restaurant's breakfast service is family friendly. You want meals and an atmosphere that appeal to people of all ages, and that make life easier for parents visiting with their children. So, how can you make your breakfast service more family friendly? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Offer kids' meals.

When you look down the options on your breakfast menu, you'll probably find that a lot of them appeal to kids. However, as they stand now, the portions are probably a lot larger than they need to be for kids. So, it can be helpful to add a kids' menu with smaller portion sizes. On a kids' menu, it's usually easier to offer complete meals rather than a la carte options. For example, you could offer the following three kids' breakfast options.

  •  1 pancake, egg, and 1 piece of sausage
  • A small Belgian waffle, strawberries, and a piece of bacon
  • 2 pieces of toast, a slice of ham, and applesauce

Make sure you price kids' meals affordably. Families are more likely to visit for breakfast if they know their kids can eat for less.

Leave lots of space around the tables.

Breakfast service is not usually as busy as lunch or dinner service. So, if you can manage to space the tables out a little each day before breakfast, that can be really helpful. This gives parents more space to help their kids settle in at the table. It also ensures that the kids have a little more room to move around without bumping into other patrons. You can move the tables closer together, if needed, when breakfast service is over.

Offer pitchers of beverages.

When diners have a few kids with them, keeping everyone's drink full can be a hassle—both for the parents who have to ask for refills and for the servers who have to keep getting those refills! Offering pitchers of drinks on your breakfast menu will keep things simple. You can even just offer pitchers of orange juice, apple juice, and grape juice. Most people enjoy at least one of these three!

If you take the advice above seriously, you'll make your restaurant's breakfast service a more family friendly breakfast. Before long, word will spread that your restaurant is the place to be for the day's first meeting.