3 Types Of Catering To Consider Having At Your Next Work Lunch

Posted on: 11 June 2019

Whether you own a company, manage a company, or are just the person that's the head of events, it's important to show employees just how grateful you are for them, and there is no better way than through food. Rather than having a potluck, consider having your next work lunch catered; that way, everyone gets to relax and enjoy good food. The fun thing about lunch catering is that there are tons of different options available; this article will list a few.  

1. Sandwich Platters

Nothing says lunchtime quite like some good sub sandwiches. Find a lunch catering place that offers trays of sandwiches and have them delivered. The great thing about this option is that it's usually a lot more affordable than other lunch catering options because everything is pre-packaged and doesn't need to be heated. Just make sure that you have options for those that are gluten-free and vegetarian. 

2. Mexican Food

Who doesn't love Mexican food? If you want a hot lunch with tons of options, then consider hiring a lunch catering company that can serve Mexican food with a combination of things like rice, refried beans, different meats, tortillas, and toppings; you can satisfy just about everyone's pallet no matter what kind of diet they are on. The nice thing about having it catered is that they will bring all of the platters and trays with them so that you don't have to worry about how you're going to heat everything up. 

3. Sushi

If you have a lot of fish lovers at your office, then sushi may be the way to go. Sushi is fun because it's pretty to display when it's being catered and you don't need to have it heated up. The only tricky thing about sushi is that since it's small, people can eat a lot of it. When you have it catered, make sure that they bring extra sushi with them that they can keep bringing out as platters and plates start to empty. Try having the lunch catering company create a beautiful spread on a large table with all different types of sushi options. 

Take the stress off of your plate and treat your employees to lunch to show your appreciation with a catered lunch. And, if you aren't sure what option you should choose from, keep these three things in mind to help make your lunch a big hit! For more information, contact a local lunch catering service.